“North Korea is acting very badly” | Ep 155 | OnTheMoveShow

Welcome to On The Move with Mack Worley! Tune in here: http://spreaker.com/onthemoveshow! Please join us every Sunday at 5 pm PST (8 pm EST). This week our featured topics will be:
- Second hour: Special guest and author D.S. Edwards joins us to talk politics and about his book (Collective Retribution: Rise of The Faithful)
- Trump says North Korea dictator 'is acting very, very badly'
- U.S. applications for New Zealand citizenship jump 70 percent
- Bill Nye to Tucker Carlson: Humans Cause '100 Percent' of Climate Change
- Rubio Booted From Tampa Office Because Left-Wing Protesters Were Scaring Other Tenants
- America may miss out on the next industrial revolution
- ‘Smart’ vibrator company settles $3.75 million privacy lawsuit
- And much more!

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